Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission (말모이)

2019135minFilm intended for audiences 12 and over (12세 관람가)

Director: Eom You-na (엄유나)
Cast: Yoo Hae-jin, Yoon Kye-sang, KIM Hong-pa, Woo Hyeon, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Sun-young, Min Jin-woong, Song Young-chang, Heo Seong-tae, Lee Seong-uk, Jo Hyeon-cheol
Genre: Comedy/Drama/History

Imprisoned several times during the 1940s, when Korea was under Japanese occupation, Kim Pan-Soo is illiterate and does not know how to read or write Korean or any other language. The teaching of Korean in the schools is banned by the Imperial government. He meets a representative of the Korean Language Society and join forces to publish a dictionary of the Korean language.