Man of Men (Peo-pek-teu Maen, 퍼펙트맨)

2019117minFilm intended for audiences 15 and over (15세 관람가)

Director: Yong Soo (용수)
Cast: Sul Kyoung-gu, Jo Jin-woong, Huh Joon-ho, Jin Seon-gyu, Kim Sa-rang 
Running Time: 117min
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Release Year: 2019
Rating: Film intended for audiences 15 and over (15세 관람가)
(Underage audiences accompanied with a parent or guardian is allowed.)

Once an infamous lawyer for taking any cases for money, Jang-su (SEOL Kyung-gu) is now a terminal patient. His dreary time left is shaken up by the new volunteer Young-ki (CHO Jin-woong), a low-life gangster assigned to do the court-ordered community service. Finding Young-ki’s unrefined manner refreshing and authentic, Jang-su asks Young-ki to help him complete his bucket list in return of a large sum of his life insurance money. In desperate need of fast cash, Young-ki accepts the offer, but the job leads them to an unexpected ending.