Midnight Runners (Cheong-nyeon-gyeong-chal, 청년경찰)

2017108minFilm intended for audiences 15 and over (15세 관람가)

Director: Kim Ju-hwan (김주환)
Cast: Kim Ha-neul, Park Seo-jun, Sung Dong-il, Park Ha-seon, Jung Da-eun 
Running Time: 108min
Genre: Action/Comedy
Release Year: 2017
Rating: Film intended for audiences 15 and over (15세 관람가)
(Underage audiences accompanied with a parent or guardian is allowed.)

Forget the sense of duty and justice! Two apathetic police academy recruits who become best buddies through the tough training together witness a woman being abducted right before their very eyes. As they were taught in the academy, they quickly report the incident to the police, but the police are in no hurry to jump on the case. So the duo decide to take the matter into their own hands and rescue the woman.