MR. GO (Mi-seu-teo Go, 미스터 고)

2013132minKim Yong-hwa (김용화)

Director: Kim Yong-hwa (김용화)
Cast: Sung Dong-il, Jiao Xu, Kim Hee-won, Kim Kang-woo 
Running Time: 132m
Release Year: 2013
Rating: Film intended for audiences 12 and over (12세 관람가)
(Underage audiences accompanied with a parent or guardian is allowed.)

From the director of Along with the Gods and 200 Pounds Beauty, massive baseball blockbuster movie Mr. Go follows this insane premise: what if… a Chinese circus-trained gorilla joined a major Korean baseball league? In other words, it's the perfect film for a world gone bananas. At turns unexpectedly realistic and laugh-out-loud hilarious, this warm tale of a debt-ridden Chinese kid and her bat-swinging, show-stealing primate friend, brings jaw-dropping action and plenty of emotion to the screen. Facing tragic circumstances and a rather nasty loan shark, the unlikely pair is forced to relocate to Seoul, where they end up leading the Doosan Bears to a prodigious winning streak. That is, until a second ape shows up in the game! And it’s not just about the grand spectacle of CGI-crafted gorillas going apesh*t on each other, the film also prominently features the teams and fields of the KBO, including the brief cameos of MLB superstars Ryu Hyun-jin and Choo Shin-soo.

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