Perfect Game (Peo-pek-teu Ge-im, 퍼펙트 게임)

2011127minFilm intended for audiences 12 and over (12세 관람가)

Director: Park Hee-gon (박희곤)
Cast: Cho Seung-woo, Yang Dong-geun, Don Lee (Ma Dong-seok)
Running Time: 127min
Release Year: 2011
Rating: Film intended for audiences 12 and over (12세 관람가)
(Underage audiences accompanied with a parent or guardian is allowed.)

This stirring drama is based on a legendary real life game that rocked Korea in the 1980s. As the country struggled towards democracy in a time of unrest, baseball mania took the public by storm. Fans across the nation were enthralled by the rise of two titan pitchers: Choi Dong-won (Cho Seung-woo), the ace of the Lotte Giants, and Sun Dong-yeol (Yang Dong-geun), the rising star of the Haitai Tigers (now the Kia Tigers). Regional allegiances put their once friendly rivalry to the ultimate test as tensions mount and the stakes are raised to feverish heights.

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