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Joint Security Area (공동경비구역 JSA)

1h 50m Drama 2000

Director: Park Chan-wook

Cast: Song Kang-Ho, Lee Byung-Hun, Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Young-Ae, Kim Tae-Woo

Rating: Film intended for audiences 15 and over (15세 관람가)

(Underage audiences accompanied with a parent or guardian are allowed.)

Set along the ‘Bridge of No Return’ in Panmunjom, the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. One day, a border guard is killed by a rifle bullet; the suspected marksman is a South Korean soldier (Lee Byung-Hun), who is found wounded in the middle of no-man’s-land. This incident will have grave repercussions. Both North and South Korea regard the incident as an act of deliberate provocation. The North accuses the South of having committed a ‘terrorist attack’, while South Korea suspects the North of having attempted an ‘abduction’.

(Synopsis courtesy of 815 Pictures)

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